• 2,5 M downloads in a week
  • 21.511.836 tests carried out
  • 15.386 direct interventions from the emergency services


Catalonia’s Health System makes STOP COVID19 CAT available altruistically for the international community, a free access cooperative platform to help prevent the global expansion of SARS Cov-2.


    Test your own symptoms so that health professionals can do a follow up and contact you remotely.


    Receive advise and action protocols in the event of a positive diagnosis.


The STOP COVID19 application has different highly useful functionalities for Health Authorities and citizens


An mHealth tool to empower citizens to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

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In order to do a worldwide follow-up of the impact of the virus and to protect public health, this platform offers the user the possibility to carry out a verification test based on the symptoms described to check whether the user is displaying Covid-19 symptoms.

If the user presents symptoms or has been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed, you can access the test using:


    Available for Android and IOS


    A web chatbot which record interaction with the user. If you don’t have a smartphone or have an old software, this is your option!

This tool has allowed Catalonia’s Health System to:


  • Easy access of the user to the test, provided by the user’s Personal Identification Code (CIP) found in his/her health card.
  • It offers a first diagnosis.
  • It provides an alarm system to take the test twice a day.
  • It provides reliable and veracious information.
  • Remote health services and counsel.
  • Open-code technology in order to facilitate its use worldwide.


  • Enables the access of health professionals to the medical records of the user (in electronic form) in order to monitor or intervene in case it’s necessary, through a personalised approach.
  • In case of a potential positive diagnosis, it activates an alerts system that notifies the recent contacts of the user in order for these individuals to adopt preventive measures such as self-isolation.
  • Respects and preserves user data in accordance with GDPR.
  • Relieves the pressure face-to-face healthcare assistance.
  • Relieves the pressure on medical emergencies contact telephone number.
  • Open-code technology in order to facilitate its use worldwide.


Monitors the evolution of SARS Cov-2 through the geolocalisation of the users and expediates the decision-making process by competent authorities in real time.

*NOTE: Prior authorisation by the user is necessary in order to activate geolocalisation

  • 2,5 M


    2.500.000 downloads in one week.

  • <21,5M

    tests preformed

    21.511.836 tests carried out

  • 15.386

    Emergency services’ assistance

    15.386 direct interventions by the Emergency Services


What is STOP COVID 19 CAT?

As COVID-19 develops, citizens start having doubts: Do I have coronavirus symptoms? Have I been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed? STOP COVID19 CAT allows the monitoring and tracking of the symptoms through the app. The user can control the symptoms’ evolution and follow the guidelines and advice for each situation.

What questions does the app ask to help with the diagnosis?

The healthcare system will monitor each case from the data that the application sends and, when necessary, will activate the medical emergency services.

The application conducts a series of questions about possible symptoms: whether the user has a dry cough, suffers from continuous fever and for how long and, finally, whether the user is experiencing any difficulty breathing that could indicate they have entered a stage of pneumonia and therefore require hospital care.

Value proposal
  • Promote and encourage voluntary confinement.
  • Relieve the pressure on face-to-face healthcare services.
  • Relieve the pressure on medical emergencies contact telephone number.
  • Provide accurate and reliable information to citizens.
  • Offer remote advice and health care.
  • Track and monitor the citizens’ symptomatology assessed with the application’s test and activate the emergency services when necessary.
How can citizens access the app?

The user can use their health service number on their health card.

Encrypted information

The information introduced is transferred to the healthcare system and is transmited – encrypted – to the Emergency Services and Civil Protection. In case it is deemed necessary, they will activate the services considered necessary depending on the person’s health condition. It allows to correlate the current condition of the user to coronavirus symptomatology and in consideration of their medical records and an assessment of the risk.

Map with usage cases

This application aims to map the cases which could be positive for coronavirus. This will help authorities identify possible focal points of infection, assisting with the epidemiological control of the pandemic in the territory.

What languages it is available in?

The application can be used in Spanish, English, French, Catalan, Mandarin and Arabic.

Data of interest
  • More than 1,000,000 downloads in a week.
  • More than 1,500,000 tests conducted.
  • More than 6,000 emergency services direct intervention
Endorsed by:

The Healthcare system of Catalonia makes STOP COVID19 CAT available to the international community, a digital tool platform to help tackle the pandemic.

What platforms it is available in?