Sistema de Salut de Catalunya

The Catalan Healthcare System covers all public, universal, equitable and sustainable health care services. Most of them are provided in care centers of various kinds (primary care centers, hospitals, social and health care centers, mental health and addiction centers, among others), but there are also some that are offered in other types of establishments, such as pharmacies, at home, at a distance, or that are not purely welfare, such as research and innovation.

All these resources, which belong to different providers, are integrated into a single network and are coordinated to achieve a common goal: to improve the health of people, who are at the heart of the system itself.

The uniqueness of our health system, which lies in the separation of functions of planning, financing and provision of services, and in the diversity of providers, and above all, their results, have made it attractive beyond our borders and they have made it a model of excellence, able to provide Catalonia with a level of well-being and life expectancy only comparable to the most advanced countries in health care.