Welcome to GestióEmocional.cat

The goal of this application is to give you the tools to evaluate and
improve your emotional health and access to emotional resources.


This application is property of the Sistema de Salut de Catalunya de la Generalitat de Catalunya. We appreciate the collaboration in the development of this application of the Psychiatry Service of the Hospital Universitario de Vall d’Hebron, which has contributed its knowledge and experience, and the generosity of the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that have allowed this application to be inspired by the experience and contents of their App “PTSD Coach” giving us all the facilities.

  • Control

    Control and monitor your
    emotional State of mind.

  • Support

    Receive emotional support from a
    mental health professionals.


This WebApp offers recommendations, which in no case should be used to make diagnoses, medical treatments or any other medical action by healthcare professionals. The content of this WebApp is not a substitute for personalized attention from healthcare professionals.


Interested in its Development?

The Salut system is at your disposal for more information.